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made by HUKKI

HUKKI casings are made by Huckfeldt & Thorlichen GmbH & Co. located outside Hamburg, Germany.

It is a third generation family business owned and managed by Mr. Gebhard R. Huckfeldt. He has improved the product and production process over the years to maintain a unique market dominance in the niche market segment for casings for upscale service deli products. His latest innovation was to develop a process to make it possible to use hog collagen instead of beef collagen in HUKKI casings.

HUKKI has been popular in Europe for more than three generations. Some of Europe's biggest processors use HUKKI even for presliced packaged products because the unique netting pattern gives sliced product eye catching shapes that make the simplest salami on bread a gourmet experience. Processors all over the world are discovering the market advantage from HUKKI casings.

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At HUKKI our professional sales staff guarantees you great service and will assist you in selecting the best and most cost effective casings for all your production needs.